How ONEFi Works

The ONEFi ecosystem is revolutionizing the financial landscape by seamlessly integrating traditional finance with decentralized finance (DeFi). Through a suite of innovative products, ONEFi offers comprehensive financial solutions that cater to both Web2 and Web3 users, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and security across the board. ONEFi focuses on maximizing the use of Next-Gen technologies for demanding tasks like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain. It achieves this through:

  1. ONE RWA Protocol: The Real-World Asset (RWA) protocol is designed to manage off-chain loan agreement processing and on-chain distribution for real estate, commodities, and private equity. This architecture seamlessly integrates primary market clusters into a Web3 ecosystem, effectively bridging real-world assets and users into the digital financial landscape while enhancing reliability and resilience.

    Key Benefits

    • Integration with Web3 Ecosystem: The RWA protocol integrates primary market clusters into the Web3 ecosystem, facilitating the transition of real-world assets into the digital financial landscape.

    • Enhanced Reliability and Resilience: By decentralizing the management of RWAs and financial transactions, ONEFi enhances the reliability and resilience of financial operations, significantly reducing global reliance on major financial institutions.

    • Efficient Financial Settlement: ONEFi's platform excels in combining geographically dispersed resources to handle complex financial settlement workloads efficiently, fostering a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable financial market.

  2. OneSwap: It is a revolutionary DeFi exchange designed to provide quick redemption and a robust secondary market for RWAs from the primary market. By leveraging the power of decentralized finance, OneSwap enables seamless, efficient trading of RWAs, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for all participants.

    Key Features

    • Liquidity Provision: Liquidity providers (LPs) play a crucial role in OneSwap, supplying the necessary liquidity to facilitate smooth transactions. In return, LPs earn transaction fees on every trade, creating a continuous incentive to maintain and increase liquidity pools.

    • Quick Redemption: OneSwap ensures quick and easy redemption of RWAs, allowing users to convert their assets into liquid funds rapidly. This feature is particularly beneficial for investors seeking flexibility and immediate access to their investments.

    • Secondary Market: By establishing a vibrant secondary market for RWAs, OneSwap offers users the opportunity to trade their assets post-primary issuance. This not only enhances asset liquidity but also provides a platform for price discovery and market-driven valuations.

    • Decentralized and Secure: Built on a decentralized framework, OneSwap operates with transparency and security at its core. Smart contracts govern all transactions, ensuring trustless and efficient operations without the need for intermediaries.

    OneSwap is set to transform the landscape of real-world asset trading by providing a seamless link between primary and secondary markets. It is driven by the active participation of liquidity providers and the inherent advantages of decentralized finance.

  3. ONE-ID: It is a crucial innovation in the DeFi space, offering an on-chain representation of personhood that unlocks significant advancements. By enabling companies and financial institutions to interact with DeFi with confidence through comprehensive KYC/KYB and accreditation verifications, ONE-ID expands DeFi participation and drives new volume to protocols.

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive KYC/KYB and Accreditation Verifications: ONE-ID allows companies and financial institutions to engage with DeFi securely, addressing compliance concerns and counterparty risks.

    • Interoperability: As an ERC-1155 contract, ONE-ID seamlessly integrates with existing DeFi protocols, enhancing the design space for new features without requiring protocols to manage KYC processes or sensitive data.

    • Privacy and Security: ONE-ID prioritizes privacy by ensuring no personally identifiable data is stored on-chain. It leverages trusted partnerships with Refinitiv and Dow Jones for identity verification and data management, adhering to industry-leading privacy and security standards.

  4. ONEFi Web3 Wallet: It is a powerful All-in-One Web3 wallet designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 users. It consolidates over 2,800 banks and institutions across 9 countries and Web3 networks, integrating all cash flows, assets, and liabilities for seamless financial management.

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive Integration: Unifies financial activities from over 2,800 banks and institutions across 9 countries and various Web3 networks.

    • Efficient Financial Management: Consolidates cash flows, assets, and liabilities across Web2 and Web3, providing a clear overview for better decision-making.

    • Gen AI-Powered Services: Offers tailored financial and investment opportunities aligned with each user's financial status and risk tolerance.

    • On/Off Ramp Services: Facilitates easy conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

    • Yield Aggregator: Maximizes returns by aggregating yield from various DeFi protocols.

    • Exchange and Swap: Enables seamless trading of digital assets.

    • Bridge Services: Ensures secure asset transfers across different blockchain networks.


  • Unified Financial Management: Integrates traditional and digital financial activities into a single platform, providing users with a comprehensive overview and efficient management of their finances.

  • Enhanced Liquidity and Accessibility: Facilitates seamless trading and quick redemption of assets, supported by a robust secondary market and active liquidity providers.

  • Security and Compliance: Ensures secure interactions with DeFi through advanced identity verification and data management practices, adhering to industry-leading privacy standards.

  • Personalized Financial Growth: Leverages generative AI to offer tailored financial and investment opportunities, aligning with individual financial statuses and risk tolerances.

The ONEFi ecosystem is set to transform the financial world by creating a seamless bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance, empowering users to take control of their financial future with innovative, secure, and efficient solutions.

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